Welcome to VVC

Welcome to Valley to Vista Cyclery, LLC or VVC for short. This is a small shop trying to do big things.  We are focused on the gravel, mountain, bike packing, b-road bicycling experience.  We don’t carry the big brands.  We don’t need to sell you a bike on the floor.  We don’t want to force you toward the biggest margins.  We want to provide a unique one-on-one sit-down experience where we have a conversation on the type of riding you do or want to do and provide you with the best bike options available.  If we don’t currently deal with a certain small brand you really, really, like then we’ll look into acquiring them or find a shop we trust that does.

The shop is located in beautiful central Pennyslvania just south of Bald Eagle State Forest.  It is a 15 minute b-road ride to the gravel and dirt from the shop so if you are interested in riding in this area and need some help finding the prettiest vistas let us know. If we get you on the bike that you want we would gladly take you out on the maiden voyage in our backyard.   Alas, we have 12 acres on the property that allows for great test rides of our own personal fleet or any of the few we have on stock.  Our hours are somewhat unconventional so if you can’t make it please contact me and I will be here waiting for you.  Let’s make a great bicycle experience together and then let’s ride!

Your riding buddies,

Dustin Manotti, Owner, Instagram:  @dmanotti

Brett Chadderdon, Mechanic, Instagram: @mfnfbm666






The Twin Six Rando Experience

It all started with two frames.

VVC has been riding the Twin Six Standard Rando steel gravel bike for sometime now and the capabilities of this bike are exciting.  It has the ride quality that steel affords: smooth and stable.  The intriguing idea about the Rando is the versatility of it.  We’ve ridden on the tarmac, gravel, dirt, single track and really scary-single-track descents.  With so much varied terrain  in Central PA a bike that can handle many different conditions is a must.  Check out the Instagram feed to see some more of the adventures we have had so far and contact us if you are interested in trying a Twin Six Rando anytime.  We have sizes 53, 55 and 57 available to ride.  Click on the link to see the bikes on the T6 site.  Below are some photos of the builds and adventures we have been on.


The bikes built up easily with external cable frame routing and post mount brakes.  Fenders were easily installed on the hi-vis-yellow color way. You got to love that color!

These are the bikes we take out to those ridges.  The Standard Rando takes 700×40 tires and 650×47 as well so you can choose the riding experience you want.
An “unnamed” vista looking down into the valley.  VVC is somewhere beyond those two ridges.
Single track…
Rock gardens…
Rolling away…